Jim Shankman. Putting a mask on his Facebook account?

It has been revealed that the obscene and threatening message sent to Ann Althouse was authored by one Jim Shankman, of Madison, WI. The unemployed Shankman appears to have a Facebook page:


However, following this link now takes us to a re-named page.

Google cache screen captures are available below, for the sake of posterity.

Update: Shankman is rolling through a variety of names on his Facebook page. It would appear Shankman has many masks. If I behaved as he does, I guess I’d where a mask, too.

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Dr. Sanner, we hardly knew ye

Dr. Louis A Sanner, one of the Wisconsin doctors allegedly handing out “sick notes” to the Wisconsin public school teachers who were illegally striking, appears to be disappearing from the internet.  A Facebook page appearing to be his was deleted.  His professional page at the University of Wisconsin has been purged, as well.

You can see what’s left here: http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/directory/105

Below are images of the both of the pages mentioned above.

Additionally, here is a link to a video at National Review, where a man appearing to be Sanner has a fairly flippant attitude about the practice of passing out sick notes to illegally striking teachers:


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